Solutions for SMB to save money

Working in IT long enough, especially if you’ve worked for a consulting firm like I previously did you will see a lot of different IT environments.

Often times in the small to medium environments certain aspects of IT get left behind, simply because of sheer cost to purchase something that is business grade.
One area I believe I have always excelled in is providing near business/enterprise grade solutions, at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality too much.

All of these suggestions will need the end user to do their own due diligence, putting in a DIY solution can bring it’s own set of headaches if it is not done properly.
These solutions are not for everyone, you will need to determine your comfort level of supporting some of these through your own IT department.

So this is my inspiration for writing a series of articles giving example solutions for Small Medium Businesses.

I plan on writing the following articles

  1. Firewalls and Security – Build a business grade firewall without having to spend $10,000 or sacrifice quality
  2. Networking and WiFi – I will show some alternative vendors I have had great success with
  3. Storage – Create a high end storage system for a fraction of the cost
  4. Infrastructure – Save on licensing costs by building some of your infrastructure as Open Source.



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