Royal TS Review – best terminal client

Best Terminal Client – Royal TS

Anyone who works in System Administration, Dev Ops or various other IT roles spend a good part of their day remotely connecting to other servers, whether it be Linux, BSD, OSX or Windows.

I’ve tried so many different Terminal clients over the years, PuTTy is just simple and can be used from a USB key it is reliable and a go to client.
However if you do a serious amount of System Administration having 10 windows of PuTTy open is not really an option.
I have been using Poderosa when I need to be looking at a lot of machines, however Poderosa was a bit buggy for me and still did not meet my needs completely.

I tested SecureCRT, but did not think it was worth $99.

For Windows Servers I just kept them all in a Remote Desktop Manager snap in.

However recently I discovered a fantastic piece of software, Royal TS which has apparently existed for 10 years, don’t know how I only found out about it recently.

Royal TS is a full featured remote solution, it includes Terminal SSH, Windows RDP, VNC, Webpage connections, External Applications and Performance views.
The application works in a different manner to the usual terminal, you create a file and store your connections, tasks, credentials, shortcuts etc in to the file, you can then encrypt the file and share it with team members who may also require access to the same servers as you.
Royal TS has all the features you would expect.

Currently it is available for Windows, OSX and Android.

Best of all the software is free if you are only a smaller user who does not require more than 10 connections, however if you are a power user or System Admin who has more than 10 servers, this is a very cheap piece of software for how powerful it is, $38USD is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

I’ve gone from using a combination of Poderosa, Remote Desktop Manager and GoverLAN, to only needing Royal TS and GoverLAN.

For my money Royal TS is the best terminal client on the market today.


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